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    KunShan Taitian New Material Co., Ltd was manufacturer for Shanghai Jentai Nano Science and Technology Co., LTD, whose president, Mr. Jinsen Lin, has been expanding the business with existing Jentai in domestic China market, also starting export business through KunShan Taitian New Material Co., Ltd worldwide. Our products are mainly HMA (Hot Melt Adhesive) seires, we also developped special application for HMA series and Pressure Sensive Adhesive series. The factory capacity has keep growing to be at least 200 tones per month, with also a HMA film branch facotry newly established in Vietnam. Insisting on honest and harmonious philosophy by Mr. Lin, who comes from Taiwan,KunShan Taitian runs with development base and success in China, has vision to be one of the HMA leading manufacturers. The only way to be on the top leading manufacturer in this field is with most breakthrough technology from R&D. Therefore, Shanghai Jentaiowned China Patents on behalf of Taitian in 2010 and entitled * high-tech enterprise * in 2012.
    Our global sales target is to start from asian countries, Taiwan, Middle Estern countries, and Southern America, then gradually covers western countries with various distribution channels.
    Our History
    We are daughter company from Shanghai Jentai Nano Technology Co., Ltd, with vision of being one of leading manufacturers for HMA series of products through global distribution.
    Our Factory
    In our group, KunShan factory is focus on HMA stick, granules and pressure sensitive HMA production, and Vietnam factory is focus on HMA film production.
    Our Product
    Hot Melt Adhesive (HMA) sticks, granules, super HMA, pressure sensitive HMA, HMA films, etc.
    Product Application
    Woodworking, labeling, packaging, building materials, DIY, handcrafts, electronic parts, automobile accessories assembly…etc.
    Our Certificate
    Production Equipment
    2 lines of Hot melt colloid machine, 3 lines of Hot melt tape machine and 1 hot melt film machine
    Production Market
    With stable quality and applicable wild range in various industrial fields, looking for distribution agents worldwide
    Our Service
    To provide comfortable one-stop shopping for our valuable customersChina Packaging Hot Melt Adhesive factory