Version 2.2.1 for Android and iOS Available

There is now a new update available for both the Android and the iOS app!
We will continue our efforts to add more features.
Here is a list of the new features and improvements:

– New function: Edit profile
– New function: List of all members
– New function: Individual information about member
– Usability improvement: forwarding when clicking on an activity
– New field: used Case
– New field: used cooling system
– New field: sponsored amount
– New field: sponsored by
– Troubleshooting: Facebook login made an error if the email was not shared
– Troubleshooting: Failed to update the Case if the Off The Shelf category was selected
– Troubleshooting: Error creating a topic, the title was not accepted
– Troubleshooting: The link when sharing a case was broken
– Performance Update: Cases and Activities are now loading successively to reduce load times

If you notice mistakes, please send us an email to
You are also welcome to send us suggestions for improvements or new ideas.

Thank you and have fun!

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