Do not miss any activity with push notifications

With the current update we add another feature: the push notifications.

With this function, you will always receive a message for various activities. Once a new case has been uploaded or updated, a comment written, something new created in the forum or a new post has been posted under News a pop-up window will appear. If you are in the app at this time, a small window appears internally, which disappears after a short time.

If you are not interested in these notifications, they can be turned off individually under Settings.

Also, there are two more features in this update. On the one hand you have the possibility to filter the activities and to show only certain topics. On the other hand, you can now click on a name and be redirected to its profile.

If you have questions about these topics, feel free to post a topic in the forum or send us an e-mail to

Have fun!

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