Corsair 760t Mod

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published: November 12, 2018 (changed: November 14, 2018)
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I use a corsair 760t case for the massive amount of room that they have, I'm going to be doing more cutting up on this thing I'm sure but for now it's pretty simple the way it's all came together. I'm open to sponsorship because I would like to pursue this type of work for.. Well work.

Already spent for the Case:

ca. 3556€


Case corsair 760t

Ekwb and xspc. Primochill fittings and tubing

Mainboard: Asus formula z170
Processor: I7 6700k
Random Access Memory: corsair dominator platinum ddr4 3200 mhz
Graphic Card: evga gtx 980ti
M.2 SSD: Samsung 960 pro nvme
SSD: 2 pny gaming edition 256gb
HDD: 2x wd black 2tb
Power Supply: corsair rm1000i special edition

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