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published: September 21, 2018 (changed: October 3, 2018)
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7700k, 1080ti, case painted, psu shroud made, custom back plate covering drive cage. fully customed liquid cooling loop, custom GPU backplate and exhaust cover.

Used Materials:

  • spray paint
  • scrylic sheets
  • vinyl

Already spent for the Case:

ca. 4050€


Mainboard: gigabyte
Processor: 7700k
Random Access Memory: 64Gb G.Skill TridentZ
Graphic Card: GTX 1080ti
M.2 SSD: Plextor M.2
SSD: samsung Evo 512Gb
HDD: 2x 3Tb WD Hdd
Power Supply: evga 1000 watt

More Pictures:

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