Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Your question is not there? Then just contact us via our contact form contact form.

Are the contents really for free?

Yes, all content is completely free. However, to upload yourself something or ask your questions in the forums is a registration necessary. But also this is and remains completely free!

Is there an app for my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, there is an app from us. However, the sites are “responsive”, that is, optimized for mobile devices.

Ja, es gibt eine App von uns. Currently this is only available for Android devices.

IOS users can still bookmark the homescreen for quick access to our site.

Here you can see how you put a bookmark on the Homescreen:


  • Click the Share icon
  • Then click on “Home screen”
  • Determine and confirm an individual name
  • The bookmark is now on the homescreen

Why does my Case not appear in the ranking?

Each Case appears in the ranking list as soon as at least two votes have been cast.

What are the Case categories?

There are five different categories:

  • CaseCon => Case Construction – Self-developed Case
  • CaseMod => Case Modding – Existing Case processed
  • Cases on the Move => Case with moving elements
  • CE-Mod => Consumer Electronic – Electrical appliances as Case
  • Off The Shelf => no or just a few Modifications

I bought my case. Can I upload it anyway?

Yes, because even if “Case Modding” presuppose own work, should them who do not do this, not come too short. For this reason we have introduced the category “Off the Shelf”.

How do I turn off email notifications?

Email notifications are enabled by default. In your profile under “Settings” and then “E-mail” you can select which activities you receive a notification of. New activities, links, or friendships will continue to be displayed on our page with a small number next to the profile icon.

Where can I change my email address or password?

In your profile under “Settings -> General” you can set a new password or another email address.

Are there any plans for the future?

Yes, there are already innovations that will be available in the course of time. Among other things, profit games will take place and hardware components will be presented in reviews. In the future, events will also be planned, where you can get to know the community personally and to see great cases on site.